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Love Rising

“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.”
~ Nicole Krauss

Photographing Lenate & Francois was as much of a gift to me, as it was to them. They were the oh-so deserving winners of my engagement shoot, which turned into a highlight of their Cape Town honeymoon. A couple that is genuinely excited to get up for pampering at 3am, for a 5am shoot, is a couple whose marriage is destined to triumph over anything! We arrived at Llandudno, embraced by a dreamy mist. Oh the light! It was magnificent & as soft as the sand that was a perfect natural reflector. There’s something very special about having your feet in the sand that early, before the birds begin & the sun rises. The silence only interrupted by the sigh of the sea, where only the light moves. Their pure, young love was echoed in the fresh, salty air we breathed. A time where everything seems possible, where everything is more beautiful. Watching new love at dawn was a magical thing, as if the two belong to each other. They were so filled with God’s light they almost didn’t need the sun! But when it peeked over the rocks & rose, it set their love alight. Lenate’s gorgeous white & aqua Grecian styled dresses played & danced around her, in Francois’ arms.

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.”
Francois was the very first guy who caught Lenate’s eye on campus & she knew he was the man of her dreams! After bravely friending him on Facebook, he fell for her beautiful blue eyes & a thousand other details that made the world stop each time he saw her. Their first date fell on her birthday & on his birthday, 3 & a half years later, he proposed! Francois surprised her with dinner at the beautifully lit Monte Casino ~ a touch of imagination in a busy city. When she sensed his nerves, she knew! He wisely waited until after dinner & she laughed off her assumptions. They sat beside a moonlit fountain &, when he pulled out a diamond ring she very nearly fainted & forgot to say “yes”! He had to ask twice, before receiving a resounding “Yes, of course!”

They had planned a fairytale wedding in the woods, but a monsoon downpour meant their day was nothing like they had dreamt, but infinitely more memorable than they could have imagined! If rain on your wedding day is a blessing, theirs must have meant serious showers of luck! Cows mooed her on as she entered their last minute, plan B church & Francois couldn’t hold back the happy tears! All in the name of wedding photos, their pretty shoes were ruined after their wedding car got stuck in the mud & had to be towed! The light, however, was perfection for pictures! After their unexpectedly big first adventure as husband & wife, previously shivering guests ushered them into their cosy venue, filled with crackling fireplaces. The owner kindly whipped up welcoming “melkkos”, to warm them up & there is simply no word to replace the “gesellige” atmosphere that ensued! When thinking of their wedding day, it’s hard not to hum along to “you are my sunshine”!

Hair & make-up: Sanmarie Make-up Artist
Styling: Anneke Roux and Rone de Bruyn from AnnaH Styling
Location: Llandudno beach

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