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Just as perfect light cannot be created where it does not exist, neither can love. Of all the different kinds, young love is the most untainted, undeniable, electric & spellbinding. It inspires musicians, poets, dreamers & me! Nicole & Chris brought my camera to life with their romantic engagement shoot. We chased the light, the only ingredient needed to ignite their spark. Lovers of the great outdoors, we began on top of the world, at Lions Head, followed by some tender, windswept moments against boulders at Beta Beach. Playing in some of their favourite places allowed them to just be themselves, which is when magic happens. A sunset thrown in doesn’t hurt either!

Their engagement reads like a fairytale, set on the exquisite Greek isle of Skiathos. After another dreamlike day spent floating in crystal blue waters, soaking up the sunshine, they returned to their quintessential white villa complete with blue shutters. With bubbly in hand, watching the sun slip away, Nicole held her breath, wondering whether this would be it? Instead, Chris swept her off to a seafood dinner on the beach & bided his time until they were back at the villa & she was least expecting it! Chris called her out to the starlit balcony, with awaiting chilled champagne. He took her hand & breath away as he said the only thing that could make a perfect day any better, would be if he asked the love of his life to marry him! And on bended knee, he did just that!

“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.” ~ Vladimir Nabokov

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