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I find fashion photography so inspiring. I love the human form & the endless ways in which a model can pose. I love how light can create such vastly different images: shadows, patterns, mood ~ all of which add another dimension to an image. Post processing also plays a big role, although it is only there to enhance an already great image in camera. It’s art, in fact the combination of two of my favourite art forms, where I can let my creative juices flow. There’s no right or wrong way. It’s personal expression. A model is easy to work with, as posing is second nature & variety is effortless. Allowing me the freedom to play with composition & really explore.

It’s vital to remember artists like Horst P. Horst, Avedon & Newton, who paved the way before us. It baffles me when young photographers don’t know the work of such masters & the fact that they were instrumental in helping to shape the very field we all want to work in. Horst’s meticulously composed, dramatic & artfully lit images leapt from Vogue’s pages. Avedon brought movement to fashion magazines, which were so posed & stiff before his influence, Helmut brought out the kink and free spirit in everyday fashion. Being knowledgeable about such work and master photographers, in my opinion, helps greatly in shaping one’s style. After all, how else can we move
forward in a medium where everything has been done at least once already?

Tasmin has such natural beauty & oozes personality, friendliness & professionalism. She practices what she preaches, living an impeccably healthy lifestyle & inspires those around her to do the same. She won Miss Fitness SA twice in a row & was 2nd princess in Vegas World Fitness in 2009! Tasmin models for Icons in Cape Town & was after something tailored, as well as a wild/leather look for her portfolio. We began outside the dramatic backrop of the Cape Town Magistrates Court, followed by a set straight out of my dreams! We organised a Harley & shot in Woodstock, the land of graffiti, corrugated doors, wire and contrast. Black & white editing echoed the theme succinctly. The second part of the shoot took place on the rooftop of a building in town. I was desperate to do this & spent an afternoon knocking on doors to find a suitably rustic, yet safe rooftop where the light
would be perfect at 5:30pm. I couldn’t have found a more ideal building. The roof paint was a perfect natural reflector and I was in photography heaven.

“Every day is a fashion show & the world is a runway.”

Model: Tasmin Tobitt
Hair, make up & assistance: Derek Ballantyne
Hair feathers: Birds of a Feather

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