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treehouse Dreaming

An eternal student, I love learning from the best & seeing the world from yet another interesting angle. Lovely Lara Scott took me under her wing & this beauty shoot bears testament to her vision, sense of whimsy, sublime styling & priceless mentorship.

We arrived at a breathtaking tree house, perched on the tippy-top of a mountain top, with views of forever. Shelley was equally sunny! Her all-white, glass box of a bedroom is where light lives! Fresh out the shower, with toddler in tow, she was given that va va voom treatment every mom only dreams of! Sanmarie Botha is a make-up artist, but by artist, I mean Monet! Oh to wake up to her magical touch of taming tresses & softening any sign of sleep deprivation! With her signature flower behind her ear, Shelley simply glowed ~ & we played! From roses & tumbling curls to underwear & her heavenly wedding dress, the day overflowed with laughter & lessons. The greatest of which, was how fulfilling it is to show a woman how beautiful she truly is. Sometimes we forget. These images are, to me, visual poetry. It was a gift to capture someone whose light shines from within.

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” ~ Pablo Neruda


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